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COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – How can you benefit from it?

The conduct of the social networks is not just a disclosure post on Facebook or photos on Instagram. It is a set of tools and a systematic communication which will achieve the presence and interaction with attendants from, but them and encourage the use of products and services.

How to realize and with the absence of results knows Tibor Whistle, Community Manager at a full service digital agency Mint Media, who is with the team takes care of the maintenance of social networks of a large number of clients from different business areas.

The importance of social networks is recognized, the number of business channels on networks grow from day to day, but the message doesn’t always come to the end users and the target audience. Why is this so?

One of the reasons is precisely that which recognizes the importance of presence, but many brands and companies do not have clearly defined the goals of the campaign. Accordingly, the published content that is not relevant to the target audience or is too monotonous so fast “blend into the crowd,” and despite the frequent postings of your audience you not experiencing too much.

In support of the importance of social networks are saying and numbers:

2.01 billion active users per month

more than 800 million active users.

However, the actual numbers are not a guarantee of success. Although the US social networks allow to our messages and offers, we communicate with the whole world, because of the large number of various information that users get through them, it’s not always easy to point out in that crowd and gain the attention of the desired user. That’s exactly why requires a systematic communication that is adapted to each channel, and at the same time, in accordance with the overall marketing strategy of the brand. Facebook and Instagram are also channels for advertising, and it’s very important to know how to use tools in order to achieve maximum impact and highlighting the client among the competition. Each social network is specific for a group of users and their behaviour, therefore marketing strategy should be adjusted channel advertising.

What is the key code of management of social networks?

dosljednost i konzistentnost drustvene mreze

Consistency and consistency communication or communication in accordance with the values of the brand, but also in accordance with the trends and the specific target groups which we are addressing. The key is to determine the tone of communication on every social network and synchronize your messages. A unique method of communication will further ensure the recognition of the brand.

dvosmjerna komunikacija drustvene mreze

Readiness for two-way communication  – Although the two-way communications that social networks allow for an advantage, it is necessary to keep in mind that users can rate or comment on their experiences with a certain brand, which means that the client must be ready for an interview. Possible dissatisfaction of the clients can affect the reputation of the brand, it is therefore a strategic communication with attendants from extremely important.

Know what users expect and want to – It is necessary to talk in a language your audience understands. So, with knowledge of trends, it is necessary to know the audience, their habits, interests, topics that they want to talk, but also a time when they are present on social networks. In order to retain their attention over and over again is to create compelling content and maintain the quality of the same.

React quickly to all comments or queries of the user. The audience is anxious and expected answers as soon as possible, but not generic messages to which you will redirect them to the customer service and the like. Suhoparni replies that just fill out the form are not sufficient – devote your attention to the user, and then try to give him a clear and concrete the answer, because it greatly affects the credibility of the profile and relationship with attendants from.

What all must work Community Manager to make social networks one brenda were successful?

Business Community Manager does not imply only the communication and publishing content, as it often is interpreted, already includes devising a creative idea, create the text and visual content, but also the availability at any time. For a good communication plan on social networks, you need a regular analysis of the market and the activities of the escorts page.

Paid advertising is an indispensable part of the professional marketing campaign, business clients, and it is necessary to create paid ads for your target group, and the same daily to optimize and to encourage clients to action.

In addition, each of these items, it is necessary to coordinate with the client and report to it regularly on the results of the activity.

With all this activity, what is the best indicator of the success of the site?

The advantage of giving always high-quality content that will contribute to the organic growth of the number of escorts, and that will maintain your community awake and interested.

It is very important from the very beginning to have quality content, because he is the one that will attract, and more importantly keep an audience. Over time, the number of followers is growing thanks to a well-placed ads and high-quality content, and at that point the quality of the content has to be on an even higher level with regard to the higher expectations of the audience.

If you have a large number of followers on social networks, but no one responds to your content, which contributes to that figure? Have you achieved any of the desired conversion?


Quality content would be implied…

… what your brand stands out. Sometimes it’s greater emphasis on high-quality textual content, used to photograph or video that leaves you breathless, but in any case, you’ll need to devote attention to each item in every announcement.

Every day we encounter with innovations such as for example the 360 videos/photos, animations, and it is important to know to implement them in order to give the audience something new and interesting, something which will further highlight the brand. With quality content each post must have a goal that has been set up and to be in line with the overall marketing campaign.

What are the biggest challenges in the world of social networks?

The challenge is to track trends and implement them successfully in your content, or respond in a timely manner to requests from the audience. Because of the environment that is constantly changing and evolving, we need to be prepared for the constant changes in the application of the most modern methods of advertising.

Regular analysis of the market and the audience can anticipate and recognize that the information is relevant to a specific market and target audience in which period.

However, it doesn’t have to be your concern. Contact us, and we will make sure that your social network to be guided to the correct way, because they are exactly the ones that mirror your business.