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How digital marketing can help to solve the Monday depression?

The holidays are finished, new year’s resolutions we have already adopted, and probably forgotten. It’s January, one they say is the most depressing months of the year. It is about time that we get back to reality, get to work and finally, to decide where on the list of priorities to put digital marketing. Delay is not desirable because it would make each next Monday even more depressing. However, before you are completely focused on 2018. you need to be reminded of what we all did in the previous year.

2017. and all that is gone with it

We will now analyze all those news that digital world brought us, but we will say that the changes only on social networks have enabled so many things that can help us in doing business. Let us mention only the most prominent such as Instagram stories, or Facebook Marketplace. If you have missed it that does not necessarily mean you can’t catch up.

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Learn from mistakes

Last year you were thinking how the time is right to have a systematic communication with an emphasis on digital marketing. You created Facebook page, you have collected a few likes, published a couple of posts and continue to periodically publish posts – maybe once a month, then you panic that something will go wrong. A few months later, you thought that Facebook totally sucked and how does not work very well. Here and there you have continued to publish, but nothing significant has happened.

You have decided that you do and the web which you made by a friend who understands programming. It took a little longer than you expect, and then it started coming in season and you haven’t had a chance to really take it all the way to the end.

The season has ended, the web is online, but if they ask you what were the results, the answer is: “a couple of visits and I guess by a friend whom you have sent the link to the web”. Today you must think how you spend a lot of time for no results.

A friend of yours who knows “all about the Internet” was talking about SEO, or the optimization of web pages, as well as ads on Google, but noted that he is not just too familiar with those topics but you should do it if you want results. Now, when you have all that information,, you become desperate!!! You think how last Monday was not the most depressing day of the year, but this could be!

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OK, it’s not as bad as it seems. You have time if you make a good plan. Go back to the start and to what your goals are.

A new beginning

In order to help you, we’ve made a list of things and tools that you might find usefull, at least for a start:

  1. Social networks – Yes, it’s useful, but you need systematical communication that will include regular communication, interesting posts, consistent tone of communication… Certainly, you should consider the ad campaigns that will help you achieve great reach and reach the traget audience.
  2. Web page – before you decide what you are going to do with existing page, answer some important questions. What is the purpose of your Web? Do you need a booking system, do you want a web shop? What is your ultimate goal? What do you want to accomplish? In order to find the answers, read the post.
  3. SEO or web page optimization can position your web page high in search engine results. Here’s the answer why is:
    • An average of 71.33% people click on the results on the first page of Google Search
  4. PR (public relations) – start with media coverage, later, you will build up a whole story about your brand.
  5. Google ads, or AdWords and AdSense advertising – do not make a mistake and say that it will work by itself. It’s not just setting up the ad, but making sure the ads are effective and don’t forget to optimize and monitor preformace all the time in order to get as much visits to your website as possible.
  6. Do not forget how important it is to keep everything visually attractive, and in accordance with the graphics standards.You need graphic design!

So, from the above it is clear how you need digital marketing strategy with measurable goals and the tools that will give the best results.

Once again let’s get back in 2017. You don’t want to repeat the same mistales again right? Do you really want to get into digital marketing all by yourself?

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If it is too much to deal with it the only thing left to do is to contact Mint Media to help you grow your business!